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Top class

Amy, 17 Oct 2020

  Reply : Thank you Amy for your custom Kamal Mahal

Great place for food. Highly recommended

Annemarie, 17 Oct 2020

  Reply : Thank you Annemarie for keeping us in business. Your custom is very much appreciated Kamal Mahal

Dear Kamal, I would like you to know the wonderful Impact that you had on the late Raymond McKenna. A little over a year ago his cancer returned with a vengeance. For the past year due to the aggressive side effects of chemo Raymond had no sense of taste and even though both he and his wife Frances are exceptional cooks nothing could compare to the deliciously flavorful Chicken Korma & Rice. Raymond looked forward to his weekly trip to Enniskillen on a Saturday evening. Your delicious food brought a sense of normality and solace to Raymond. It was one of the few dishes that he could fully appreciate and enjoy all it’s wonderful flavors. All his family knew that on a Saturday between 6-7pm that Raymond was enjoying his favorite meal from your restaurant. He tried to re-create but couldn’t master the incredible flavors. Raymond would chit chat and banter with you and say that he couldn’t persuade his children to eat spicy food. In return you would say bring them to me I will Sort them out. Truly, I believe you had no idea that a weekly visit to your restaurant became a tradition for Raymond. It brought a wonderful sense of joy to him and his family. Even during covid 19 Raymond did not give up on his chicken Korma. When I read the customers reviews complaining about receiving cold rice. I can’t fathom that is all they have to complain about when people are dying daily of cancer and Covid 19. Today, October 16th is a month since Raymond’s passing. Today, I want you to feel a huge sense of appreciation that you brought Such comfort to Raymond. To also know that an appreciation of international food Crosses all barriers and especially to over power the side effects of chemo. Cheers to you and your staff Kamal !!!

Patricia Mcgovern, 16 Oct 2020

  Reply : My sincere condolences to you and your family for your loss. I remember him well and he loved his chicken Korma. I really appreciate your comments and your thoughts about Kamal Mahal. I wish you all peace and god rest his soul. Kamal mahal

Very good

Kevin, 10 Oct 2020

  Reply : Thank you Kevin KamalMahal

Very large portions - one shared meal was more than enough for us two aging people!

William, 09 Oct 2020

  Reply : Thank you for your custom Kamal Mahal


Amanda, 02 Oct 2020

Really disappointed as food cold and gave me boiled rice which I don’t like rather than pilau rice, normally have a great feed at Kamals but disappointed as I was so looking forward to it

Emer, 26 Sep 2020

  Reply : So sorry to hear that your food was cold and your Rice was wrong. If it was a delivery order we tend to get the food to you within 45 minutes and should be hot. Still apologise and when ordering again we will make sure that this error is fixed

So looking forward to my Kamals, really disappointed as they gave me boiled rice (which I don’t like) rather than pilau, food cold ☹️and unable to contact via phone.. normally have a great feed here ☹️

Emer, 26 Sep 2020


Caroline , 19 Sep 2020


Andy, 15 Sep 2020


Chris, 06 May 2020

Absolutely love Kamals. Very disappointed with this order. There was a long black hair in my meat samosa. Everything else was brilliant as always

Darrin, 29 Sep 2019


Barry, 20 Aug 2019